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QuickBooks 2013 R4 update is here!

If you didn’t know already, QuickBooks 2013 and Enterprise Solutions 13.0 were released a few months ago.  Now, if you have been using QuickBooks for a while, you know that you generally don’t ever want to install the first version due to bugs and issues that come along with it.  Most of you know to wait until a few web patches come out to fix any issues that are found.  Well, Intuit has just released R4 which has a lot of nice new UI (User interface) updates as well as a bunch of bug fixes.  Read below to find out the details:


-The After-the-fact Payroll window is now scaled to fit the minimum resolution of 1024×768.
-On the Create Auto PO’s screen, Item column will now be checked when Qty to Order is entered.
-Added the Batch Transactions icon to the ribbon on the Write Checks and Enter Credit Card Charge/Credit forms.
-Corrected the appearance of several items in the user interface to match the user interface specification.
-Added a colored icons/light background option for the Top Icon Bar. Choose Edit > Preferences > Desktop View > My Preferences and click on ‘Switch to colored icons/light background’ to view this preference.
-Added a company file color flag to help you differentiate between different company files. Choose Edit> Preferences > Desktop View > My Preferences > Company Flag Color to view this preference.”


Accountant Specific

-Sending General Journal Entries no longer displays an incorrect message about the ‘From’ email address.
-The Send General Journal Entry screen no longer shows the billable column (checkbox) as editable.

Accounts Receivable

-Selections in the Class selection drop-down menu at the top of the invoice will now apply properly to each item on the invoice.

Advanced Inventory

-You can now display all available bins in the Inventory Center.
-You can now select a location using arrow keys on transaction forms.
-The Quantity on Hand report no longer reflects different numbers after being refreshed after warning: you cannot filter by sites and locations.
-When a company file is upgraded to a newer release, all item types will retain a check mark when “All Items” is checked for QuickBooks generated barcodes.
-You can now mix inventory and non-inventory items on a Purchase Order if site/location is being used.


-Selecting a future date on a check and clicking the Pay Online check box no longer displays warning message.
-You can now copy and paste transactions in the register.

Batch Enter Transactions

-On the Batch Transactions screen. QuickBooks no longer displays a message that credits are available when none are.
Batch Enter Transactions no longer prevents selection of a payee based on multiple currency settings.
When you leave required fields blank in Batch Enter Transactions, QuickBooks now highlights the required fields so they’re easier to find.
We added the ability to Clear Splits from the context menu when batch entering transactions.

Class Tracking
The class tracking on each part of the Transfer transaction has been improved.
-QuickBooks will now display one warning instead of multiple warnings about inactive elements on group items when working with classes.

Client Data Review
Client Data Review no longer adds a blank page to a PDF of a write off invoice.

Enhanced Inventory Receiving
Reports now convert foreign currency to home currency when you use multiple currencies with Enhanced Inventory Receiving.


-In the Inventory Center, the Quantity on Hand by Serial Number view now displays negative quantities correctly.


-QuickBooks now correctly updates the Vacation accrued on paychecks when hours are changed.
QuickBooks now displays the correct Billed or Not Billed icon on the Enter Single Activity window you click the Previous or Next to view past entries.
We fixed an issue that prevented paychecks from being printed using dot matrix printers.
Employee notes are no longer visible to users with “no access” permission to Payroll.
Preview Paycheck (on edit) will no longer incorrectly change the amount of a deduction with a non-annual limit.
Paycheck balances for sick and vacation now update properly when you edit a paycheck.
Form names now fit properly in the Federal Forms list.
We corrected the alignment of contact information that is auto filled on federal tax forms.
Company Message information now prints on pay stubs.
We corrected the state filing status values when payroll data is exported to Excel.
We fixed an issue that caused the Payroll Summary, Paid Time Off Report, and Payroll Transaction Detail report to be missing from the Employee Center.
- Fixed an issue that caused Direct Deposit customers to receive a “Data has lost integrity” message when sending to the payroll service.


-When you update, QuickBooks now retains your search preferences. If you had ‘Update automatically’ unchecked, it will now stay that way after you update.
We fixed in issue with the ‘Update Automatically’ Search Preference. When you uncheck ‘Update Automatically’ in Edit > Preferences > Search, this option will now be turned off correctly.

QuickBooks Online Banking

We fixed an issue that caused a send/receive transaction error message to display when attempting to download transactions.


The message “QuickBooks has stopped working” no longer shows up when displaying a previous reconciliation report.


-Date filters now work as designed on the Account QuickReport for Income, Expense, and Cost of Goods Sold accounts.
Purchase Orders and Sales Orders without a site now display a quantity on the Stock Status by Site report.
The Delivery Date column on the Inventory Stock Status by Item report now displays the correct information.

Windows 8

QuickBooks 2013 is now compatible with Windows 8.

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12 Responses to QuickBooks 2013 R4 update is here!

  1. Rob says:

    R4 introduces more bugs than it fixes. I highly recommend you do not update. For example, when you start getting the crashes that come with this update, tech support will attempt to verify your .qbw file. But it will not complete, and then they tell you this is a known bug. My favorite quote from tech support was “The easiest way to fix quickbooks database manager is to reformat your server and start over.”. Apparently the tech support has never worked on a server. As soon as I find a semi stable version, I’m canceling my 10 user enterprise with advanced inventory support contract and shopping alternatives to deploy.

    • Alicia says:


      Thanks for your insight. Unfortunately your experiences with tech support are not unique. My suggestion would be to look for a ProAdvisor or firm of Advisors like us that you can work with when you or your clients have problems with QuickBooks. Although working with a ProAdvisor may be more money out of pocket it tends to save exponentially on time and frustration. Just as your technicians do, I’m sure, we work without scripts or standardized protocols which works best in the real world.

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any other problems that we may be able to help with.

      • Richard says:

        I am struggling to install QB Enterprise on my surface pro windows 8 I kind ly help

        • Ashley Wallace says:

          Hi Richard,
          Can you please let me know what errors you are getting? If you would like me to assist over the phone, please feel free to call me at 646-380-4993.

          Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

  2. Ernest W. Adams says:

    Are you ever going to fix multi-currency so that I can put SEK charges on my USD credit card even though my home currency is GBP? There is no reason in computer science why this should not be possible. QB Pro UK has had this problem since 2005!

    • Alicia says:

      Thanks for your comment Ernest. Unfortunately we are not Intuit the makers of QuickBooks. I would suggest that you add your feedback to that section under the Help menu in product. Suggestions and comments made here are given the highest priority. Obviously the more people comment on this issue the more weight it will be given in updates and or new features.

  3. Steve D. Baker says:

    What I meant about “stopped supporting” is just that flaw in releasing fixes that are less relyable then the version they are trying to fix. While yes they released R6, then R7, and R8, then the word came out out not to upgrade beyond R6. Then we waited and waited for R9 it never came out. Then 2012 cam out and that seems half baked at best. The problem with cost and price in the inventory items, this shows a laxk of attention to detail in the software development lifecycle. Understand I do not use QuickBooks at all. I am an Information Technology professional. I support two clients that have small bussinesses that use and rely on QuickBooks. When the software does not work correctly they call me and ask why. It becomes frustrating from an IT guy’s perspective.

    • Alicia says:

      Steve unfortunately I’m not seeing the original comment you are referring to. But in response to your concerns, I don’t disagree with you. To some extent there seems to be a push to get things to market (releases, new versions etc) and what is sacrificed is that attention to detail you mention. I personally think this focus will have a detrimental effect to the overall marketshare Intuit now holds.

      The intent is to be timely in our posts regarding information such as this. However as we often say, users should allow everything that is new simmer a bit before they act on it.

      Again thank you for your comment.


  4. Veronica says:

    I am being forced to buy a new desktop – my desktop w/ XP is dying. At this date, is it “safe” to update to W8 and Quickbooks 2013? Or should I get W7 w/ Quickbooks 2012 if I can find it?

    • Ashley Wallace says:

      Hi Veronica,
      It is safe to go to Windows 8 with QB 2013. If you are more comfortable with Windows 7, QB 2013 will run on that as well.

  5. Carol Frizzell says:

    We have Windows Vista Home and Vista Business on our computers. Does Quickbooks 2013 work well on these? We have had nothing but trouble with our quickbooks since we installed it a month ago, and I can’t seem to find any answers.

    • Ashley Wallace says:

      Hi Carol,
      Across the board, Windows Vista was never a sturdy OS. Since it came out a number of years ago, we have heard nothing but complaints. We also don’t suggest using the home version of any Windows OS as that too could cause some issues. With that being said, can I ask what issues you are experiencing and maybe I can help resolve them without you having to switch computers.

      Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

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