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QuickBooks 2013 New User Interface!

QuickBooks 2013 has made some pretty drastic changes to its overall UI. Let’s start with color and fonts. Take a look at the screen shot below. You will notice that the color scheme and sharpness of the Icons have changed.  This new look and feel stays consistent throughout the whole program right down to the reconciliation screen and Chart of Accounts.

Another big change to the home screen is the Icon bar over to the left.  Now instead of having the Icon bar at the top, you have the option to move it over to the side. Personally, I’m not a fan of it this way. Especially because of the grey/black color scheme, I find it hard to find things.  Best part? You can change it back up to the top by going to the View menu and choosing “Top Icon Bar.” 


Now let’s look at an invoice (or any transaction for that matter).  On any of the forms, you will notice a new ribbon at the top of the screen that houses all the options for that particular transaction. No longer do you have to go up to the Edit menu to memorize or click the tiny little dropdowns on the invoice to find things. Now everything is there in its own neat, organized tab where many people will think they have found new features, meanwhile, they’ve been there all along – just impossible to find!

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3 Responses to QuickBooks 2013 New User Interface!

  1. Rushwan says:

    Your Interface does not support my Arabic Language
    Font problem appears all through my transaction
    It does not match my Quickbooks as 2012 or Earlier
    It is pity to go back

    • Alicia says:


      Thanks for your post. I wish it were my software but unfortunately I still have to work each day. I was hoping however, that you could tell me a little more about your comment. Are you saying that in past years you have been able to use the US version of QB with Arabic? Are you also using a US server/workstation?

  2. softprotec says:

    yes 2012 can accept unicode

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