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New changes to QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory pt 1

QuickBooks Enterprise v13

So with another year comes another update to the Advanced Inventory add on for QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0. This year two new exciting features are Bin Tracking and Bar Code Scanning.

Bin Tracking:

As you already know, QBES AI allows you to track multiple locations per item with the Inventory Site feature. Now you will have the ability to track locations within locations using the Bin Tracking feature.

How does it work?


Each Location will now have the ability to have sub-site(s) attributed to it which will allow the user to allocate qty’s to.

Now when you enter in an item related transaction, you will have the option to choose the location in addition to the site.

Additional Features:

In addition to this, you will now be able to generate a Stock List by location report, Items by Bin Location report, print Sorted Pick Lists by location and more…

Check back with us as we discuss the new Bar-coding functionality! If you have any questions regarding these new features please feel free to contact us!



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