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QuickBooks software 2012 R4 Released

Intuit released the R3 patch two weeks ago that addressed couple of issues in QuickBooks software 2012 but left some of the major problems unfixed including the Automatic Cost/Price Update feature in QuickBooks Enterprise and the Security Area of Calendar.

Yesterday Intuit has released the R4 update for QuickBooks 2012. There are only things covered by this patch, but these are considered important fix especially for Enterprise users.

Inventory: (Available only in Enterprise)
• Cost and/or price on items will no longer incorrectly change when Automatic Price Adjustment company preferences are set to “never update item cost” and “never update sales price” and user had chosen always to update cost in previous version of QuickBooks.
• When global Automatic Price Adjustment company preferences are set to “never update price” and a user updates the cost of an item on a purchase, the cost of a second, unrelated item will no longer change inadvertently.
• You will now be able to change an item’s cost on a transaction if the global Automatic Price Adjustment markup preferences are set to “always update price” or “never update cost”.
• Price markup type is now defaulted correctly to “percent” when a company file is updated from QuickBooks Pro or Premier to Enterprise Solutions.

Startup Error
QuickBooks will no longer display the Error: QuickBooks software can’t start because it is already running when you open it with the “Leave QuickBooks running for quick startups” preference enabled. You can turn the preference back on after installing R4.

Intuit planned to release the R4 patch in 2 phases of 50% each on 11/10/11 and 11/14/11.

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