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QuickBooks software 2012 New Feature – Credit Memos

Every year Intuit tries to add small features to QuickBooks software that will help speed up day-to-day operations. Last year, they added the history side panel to quickly view contact, transaction, and notes when creating invoices and bills. This year, they have added some options to the invoice. Across the top of your invoice is a new new button called “Create” that replaces the “Letters” button. This button has the option to allow you to create letters just as before, but it also add the ability to create a credit memo, payment, and memorized transaction.

The memorized transaction option functions just the same as if you selected it from the Edit menu. The options for creating a credit memo or payment are new, and give you a quick way to create these transactions that are linked to the original invoice. Selecting the Create Payment option will take you to the Receive Payment window and populate the customer, the amount, and automatically select the invoice you were on. It will use the amount that is due on the invoice, so previous partial payments won’t cause a problem.

The Create Credit Memo functions similar. It will create a credit memo with all of the customers information, as well as all the items on the original invoice. Unfortunately, credit memos are not ‘linked’ to the original invoice, so if you go back to the invoice you are able to create a new credit memo for the full amount. While this feature may not be useful for everyone, users that have long item names/numbers, or who usually only do one item invoices can find that this may save a bit of time when preparing a refund.

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