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QuickBooks software 2012 – Lead Center

One of the new features that is coming in the 2012 version of QuickBooks Premier is the Lead center. QuickBooks software now allows you to keep track of new potential customers separately from your existing customers. They call these new potential customers “Leads”, and there’s a new Lead Center that works similar to the other Centers that currently exist. You can access the Lead Center by going to the Company menu or Customer menu and selecting Lead Center.

The Lead Center has 3 panes:
  • Use the Leads pane on the left to view and sort your leads.
  • Use the Lead Information pane on the right to review or edit information about a selected lead.
  • Use the Tabs at the bottom of the window to access lists and notes for individual leads.
QuickBooks Leads are similar to customers, but they do not show up on your customer list, only the Leads list. When adding a new Lead, there are predefined fields, along with some variable fields for tracking. You can track the Name, Company, and Main Phone number, but then you get to select the additional fields from the following: Work Phone, Work Fax, Home Phone, Home Fax, Mobile, Main Email, Additional Email, Website, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Skype ID, or Other. You also can track multiple contacts for this lead, which allows you to use five of these additional fields per contact. Because of this, I recommend that you track the name of the lead as the company and use the Contacts to track any points of contact at the company.

Along with tracking basic contact information, you can also add To Do notes that track Type (Call, Fax, Email, Meeting, Appointment, Task), Priority (Low, Medium, High), With (Lead, Customer, Vendor) along with the due date and any notes. Any of your To Do’s will show up on the new Calendar in QuickBooks, which can be accessed by going to the Company menu and selecting Calendar. The Calendar will only show the Notes and Status of the To Do, though.

Once you have won a lead, you can convert the lead into a customer. In the Lead Center, you select the Lead and then click the “Convert to a Customer” button. Be warned, once you convert a lead, you can’t undo it. It will copy the information over using your first address and the contact listed as your Primary contact. Any notes, additional addresses or additional contacts are not converted over. You can view the leads that you have converted over in the Lead Center by selecting the filter for “Converted Leads”, so the information is not lost, it is just a manual process to copy the additional information over.

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