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QuickBooks software 2012 – Find & Select on Sales Forms

I don’t know about you, but I have found creating invoices, sales receipts & sales orders in QuickBooks can be very annoying and time consuming. You would have to click the Item column, scroll through the list to choose the item you want, tab down to the next line, scroll through the item list again to choose the next item, so on and so forth. Now, with the QuickBooks Enterprise 2012 version, there is this new feature called Find and Select.

Now, the first time you click on the item column to choose your first item, you can click “Find & Select items”. This brings up a screen where you can put a check mark next to each item that you want to put on the invoice or sales receipt. That is very efficient, but the better part is that you can search for specific names or keywords in certain item fields, you can view the description before putting the item on the sales form and you can also view the Quantity on Hand before you choose the item! No more excuses for negative inventory!!! I think that is pretty cool.

As much as this feature is small and can be easily overlooked, it will save users a great deal of time and frustration. It’s definitely a very nice improvement.

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