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QuickBooks software 2012 – Batch Time Sheets

Entering Employee’s time can be a very time consuming task especially if you have a lot of employees. In previous versions, you had to do one time sheet per employee for every week. If you had 2 or more employees that spent their week the same way, you still had to do one sheet per employee. Also, there was no way to duplicate a sheet and just change the name.

Now, in QuickBooks software 2012 you can do batch time sheets. When you enter a time sheet, you have the choice to add either multiple Payroll names or multiple Vendor names. (Unfortunately, they cannot be combined.) When you choose multiple, the next choice that you have is Manual (Manually going through the employee or vendor list on this screen and checking the names you want) or Automatic (Entering the exact employee or vendor name and hitting apply).

Once you have chosen your names, you can enter the time sheet as normal. Choose your Customer:Job, Service Item, Payroll Item, enter hours, etc. Upon completion, click Save & Close. Because QuickBooks creates one time sheet per employee based off the batch sheet you entered, you can go back and review each employee’s individual time sheet. If you made the hours billable on the batch time sheet, the time for each employee will come through when you enter an invoice for that customer.

My first thought when I heard about this new feature was “Who would need this? I know in my firm, everyone hours are completely different.” Then I thought about service companies such as a landscaper. They often have 2 or 3 guys together on a truck for the entire day/week and they all work together on each job. Perfect! Now the question is: do you have employees that work together all week long???

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