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View My Paycheck

Have you ever had an employee come to you and ask you to reprint their paystub because they lost it? Better yet, are you wasting tons of paper printing paystubs to hand out to employees that have direct deposit?

With everyone Going Green, you can join the club by signing up for View My Paycheck by Intuit.  This is a free service through Intuit and it gives your employees access to log in to a website and see all their paycheck details as well as their W2′s.   Once they log in with their individual Username and password, they will see a listing of each of their paychecks. They can drill down into these paychecks to see any deductions (taxes, 401k, Health Insurance) and additions (Expense reimbursments, bonuses) that were on that individual check. 

Since CIAS joined forces with Presti & Naegele and I was put onto their payroll, I have been granted access to View My Paycheck and I love it. I get an email as soon as payroll has been processed saying that my paycheck is ready to be viewed. I log in and can see my check in detail even before it hits my bank account. 

View My Packcheck is a great time/paper saver and best of all – it’s Free!

Go to to learn more.

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