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Using QuickBooks Point of Sale for Strategic Marketing

Most people know that a Point of Sale system is great for helping retail store owners track their inventory, sales, receiving, etc.  Many people don’t realize that it can also help you with your marketing.  With the direct integration that QuickBooks POS has with Constant Contact, no longer do you have to export your entire customer list into excel and then copy and paste email addresses into individual emails.

In POS, go to your Customers dropdown and choose Create an Email campaign.  Click Next.  POS will then ask you which customers you want to market to. You have a choice of:-Customers who have made a purchase in the last X days.
-Customers that have NOT made a purchase in the last X days.
-Customers that have made a purchase from X department or vendor.
-Create your own custom list based on any criteria.

Once you have chosen which customer group you want to market to, the next screen will give you the opportunity to remove any customers that you don’t want to market to in this email.   At this next point, you can name your campaign (in case you want to use it again in the future) and you can automatically send the customer information to Constant Contact.

Once you are in Constant Contact, you can create your email campaign with graphics, customized customer names, coupons, promo codes,  etc.  Finish your email template and then choose the list of customers that POS created for you.  Upon sending the email, Constant Contact will keep track of everyone that read, deleted or forwarded your email.

Using this feature is a great way to keep people coming back to your store.  If you have any questions on this or any other feature, please give us a call!

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