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The hurricane is coming, what can I do to protect my business?

With Irene rapidly approaching, there are a few steps that you should take to protect your business:

1- Backup your data to the internet. You want to get all of your data copied into the cloud so if you happen to have a fire or flood, you don’t have to worry about losing everything. Intuit offers Intuit data protect through your QB software. For about $10.00 month, you can not only backup your QuickBooks files but also any other files that you have on your computer. It takes just a few minutes to get this up and running.

2- Move your computers to higher ground. Although you may have your data backed up elsewhere, you want to protect the machines themselves as well as the software that is installed on them. Yes, Insurance will cover the price of everything, but who wants to spend the time purchasing, setting up and installing everything? If you can, remove just the CPU’s to a safe location.

3- If you cannot move your hardware, shut down and unplug EVERYTHING. If there is a power surge or anything like that, it’s better to have everything disconnected.

4- Secure all paperwork. If you have file cabinets with important documents, make sure you pull everything out of the bottom drawers and store it somewhere safe. Duct tape or tie other drawers shut. If you get a broken window, 100pmg winds could easily open a drawer and do some redecorating.

5- Board up windows and doors. Hurricanes can throw winds around 100 mph. Glass is not going to stop flying debris from coming in. Buy yourself some plywood and hope for the best.

6- Get out of there. By this point, you have done everything you can so the best thing for you to do is leave the building (If it’s not in a safe place) and go someplace that is safe. Keep in mind that everything material can be replaced, your life can’t.

Best of luck to all! (I’m going to board up my house now…)

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