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Customizing Reports in QuickBooks software

All the most current versions of QuickBooks software have tons of standard reports that people can use to gain more extensive knowledge of their business.  What some people don’t know is that they can customize any of these reports and even memorize them so you don’t have to customize them every time.

Here is an example:  Say you want to run the Sales by Item Summary report but you only want to see it for specific items.  You can run the report, click the “Customize Report” button, and go to the “filters” tab.  You can choose the Item filter, and then choose “Multiple Items” in the Item dropdown.  Put a checkmark next to only the items that you want to see on the report and then click ok.  Then click ok again. Now the report will run showing only the items that you want to see.  If this is a report that you would like to run on a frequent basis and don’t want to have to customize it every time, you can click the Memorize Report button at the top of the report.  Here you can give the report a name and the system will save the report template.  Every time you run this report, the system will auto place the filters/changes that you put in and will auto refresh it with the current transactional information.  To recall a memorized report, simply go to Reports>Memorized Reports and choose the name of the report that you made.  If you need to get to the Memorized Report list to move reports around or delete any,  go to Reports>Memorized Reports>Memorized Reports List.

If you are having trouble finding a report that suits your needs, the next step would be to use the Custom Summary Report or the Custom Transaction Detail Report.  To access either of these reports, go to Reports>Custom Reports and choose either Summary or Transaction Detail.  The detail report will list individual transactions in detail as well as use filters to show only the transactions you need.  The summary report will display summaries, not individual transactions.  If you are still unsure of which one to choose, select the Help Me Decide option and it will give you some examples of each report.

If you have exhausted yourself trying to find the perfect report and are unsuccessful, please remember that we offer Custom Report Writing services using Crystal Reports.  Basically, if the system has the information – we can get it into a report.

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