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QuickBooks software in the Cloud

Imagine a place where no-one is tied to a desk by the software they need to do their job—imagine an “office” confined not by walls or even distances—one where the right people for the job the world over can collaborate and get great results— imagine a dynamic new technology model—low cost, yet secure, resilient and imminently flexible. That’s Cloud Computing.

The term “Cloud Computing” refers to the use of powerful, efficiently deployed servers to provide computing processes for remote users. Cloud computing encompasses the serving of applications and data; the virtualization of operating systems, either desktop or server; the virtualization of desktop applications to end-users. Used correctly, it can provide great gains in productivity while providing streamlined management and deployment capabilities for businesses of all sizes.

Intuit has seen the recent rise in Cloud Computing and has started certifying companies to host QuickBooks for companies to be able to access their data remotely. This procedure takes away the cost/pain of having to have a server in their local office and enables their employees to access QuickBooks through an online connection. Some people would argue “Why not just use QuickBooks Online?” Well, with QuickBooks Online, you tend to lose alot of functionality that you would normally have with the desktop version of QuickBooks software. With Hosted QuickBooks, you maintain all features and functions in QuickBooks but have the luxury of accessing your data from anywhere in the world.

There are multiple companies out there that are certified to host your QuickBooks data. Please contact us for more information and we will be happy to assist you with finding the best company to get your QuickBooks software data in the Cloud.

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