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QuickBooks for Mac – Formatting templates

Recently we received a question from a QB Mac user about trying to repurpose fields on the Invoice template.  The question is this: In QB for Mac 2013, in customize invoice template, it has a choice of about 7 fields you can add.  We are utilizing all of them, and one of them we want it to be for entering text, but it is preformatted to be a date.  Is there a way to override the formatting of the fields?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, you cannot change the format of these fields. All you can change is the name.  If the format is date, if you try to put any data in that field other than a date – you will receive an error message that this cannot be done.  Also, if you do rename the field another downside would be that the standard title of the field still appears in filters even if you edited the name to something else.

An alternate method would be to use the custom fields in either the item or customer list as these fields can be free text.  You can then add these fields to the invoice template.

As always, let us know if you need additional assistance on this topic or any other QuickBooks questions.

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