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QuickBooks Software Data File Corruption

QuickBooks is a program that houses tons of data.  The QuickBooks software is often utilized by multiple people on a single network.  Not always is the computer completely up to par that QuickBooks is running on.  Sometimes the environment that the computers are in is not always optimal.  All of these things can contribute to data file corruption.

How can you tell that you have corruption?  There are a few common signs that you should look out for:
-Error messages
-Transactions can’t be saved
-QuickBooks suddenly shuts down when saving a transaction
-Incorrect data on reports. For example: Missing transactions, negative amounts that should be positive, unbalanced balance sheets, etc.
-Missing names on lists such as your Customers, Vendors, Item, Chart of Accounts, etc.

Here are some things that you want to look at periodically to monitor the health of your file:
-When in QuickBooks, press F2. See what release you are on at the top of the screen. Will say R_. If you are not on the latest release, update.
-On the same screen, take a look at the number of Data File Fragments.  We generally like them to be in the single digits or close to it. 
-Take a look at your file size.  Is the file getting very large?  Maybe its time to start a new file.

Now that you have looked over the above suggestions, what now?
- First things first… BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP.  The QuickBooks software Backup feature has a data file Verify built in. It can tell you if you have corruption.  If you run your verify and it comes back with an error, call us right away so we can help you fix it before it’s too late. 
-Try re-sorting all of your lists.  Open the Banking>Write Checks window. Put your curser in the “Pay to the order of” field and press Ctrl+L.  This will bring up a list of all your Customers, Vendors and Employees. Choose resort from the menu at the bottom.  Close your file and reopen it.
-Try creating a Portable Company File and then restoring it. Sometimes this helps put all the little pieces back together and can fix the corruption issue.

Remember if you suspect data file corruption and are unable to fix it on your own, call us right away before it’s too late and you can’t open your file at all!


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