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QuickBooks software 2012 – QuickBooks Calendar

One of the new features of QuickBooks software 2012 is the QuickBooks Calendar. I find this tool very useful. It gives you an overview of transactions posted each day, shows your To Do List, and gives you a quick view of which invoices and bills are past due.


The QuickBooks calendar has three sections:

1. The Calendar itself which gives you a summary of how many transactions were entered each day. You can access the Calendar from the Icon bar or from the Company menu, and it will be defaulted to today’s date. You can change the calendar view to weekly, daily or monthly by simply clicking on the calendar view. And like QuickBooks Reports, you can change the date and you can filter the Calendar to show specific type of transaction by choosing the transaction type from the Show drop down list.

2. The Transaction Detail Pane below the calendar summarizes all the transactions entered on a selected day. It lists each transaction for that day based on the transaction type selected on the Show option. It also gives you the amount, number, phone number, status and due date of each transaction.

3. On the right side of the calendar, you will have the Past Due transactions as of Today. This includes your past due transactions and your To Do’s for that selected day. You can also use the QuickBooks Calendar to add To Do activities in QuickBooks using the Add to Do icon.

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2 Responses to QuickBooks software 2012 – QuickBooks Calendar

  1. I have 2012 Pro Quickbooks.

    I read all over the web the Calendar is in 2012 as an icon in the icon bar. It is not there and I can not locate it anywhere. I even typed it into the help file and find nothing. Whats up


    • Ashley Wallace says:

      Hi Dan,

      Thank you for your comment. The Calendar Icon will be on your home page navigator screen. It’s on the top right in the “Company” section. It can also be found under the Company Menu. Once you have that launched you can then add it to your icon bar for use later. To do this go to the View Menu>Add “Calendar” to your icon bar.
      Thanks for your question.

      Alicia wrote a quick post on adding icons to the icon bar if you have a minute to look that over.

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