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QuickBooks software 2012 – Global To Do List

The Global To Do List is one of the new CRM-like feature of QuickBooks software 2012. It has brought a significant improvement in the way you can enter your To Do activities. We all know that the To Do feature has been available in the older versions of QuickBooks but its functionality was very limited. With the new QuickBooks 2012, you can now set the priority, the type, the status and the time and date of your To Do tasks.

Take a look at the new To Do List of QuickBooks 2012:

With the new To Do List you can now track all your activities for your customers, vendors, and leads in one central location. You can still access your To Do’s by going to Company menu and selecting To Do List.

The window to add your To Do’s has significantly improved with added fields. See screenshot below:

The To Do Type will be defaulted to Task the first time you try to add a new To Do. But you can always change it to whatever you want.

Type – This will let you classify your to-do activities. You can specify whether it’s a Call, Fax, E-mail, Meeting, Appointment or a Task. (Note: Choosing To Do types other than Task will add the With field on your Add To Do window)

Priority – You can set your to-do-activity whether it’s a High, Medium, or Low priority.

With – You can association your To Do’s with a Customer, Vendor or Lead and you can choose a specific name as well.

Status – This can be Active, Done or Inactive. So you can simply edit your To Do once its complete and mark it Done.

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