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     Many businesses out there today struggle with tracking information that is specific to their business.  Most out-of the-box software’s are very generic and not too customizable.  People usually resort to Excel spreadsheets to track information that they cannot get into their regular software.  This can get very overwhelming very quickly.  The other alternative is usually to have a custom built software which can cost many thousands of dollars and support is always an issue.

     What if you had a software that you could build it to be whatever you wanted?  Basically somone handing you a blank slate and you create whatever you need?  Sounds crazy, I know, but it is actually possible and it’s called QuickBase!!

     What is QuickBase?  It is an online based fully customizable database program.  Easily create your own applications and within those applications, you can create tables, fields, calculations, etc.  Have as many applications as you want!  You can create an Application for Project Management and then a completely separate on for Employee tracking and then a third one for Customer Relationship Management.  The possbilities are endless.  Best of all – It’s an Intuit product.  The cost is minimal especially for the power that you get with it.  Please contact us with any questions!

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