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QB POS sometimes freezes on Purchase Orders.

Recently I ran into an issue with a client that has POS Pro v10 on multiple workstations and a server.  They were complaining of an issue where the system would freeze up when they were entering Purchase Orders.  After doing some research, speaking with my associates and Intuit, we think we have figured out what is going on.

First, we found that the freezing happens most often when you are on a PO then try to create an item on the fly from that PO, and then bounce back to the PO to complete it.  Now, when Intuit came out with v10, they changed the overall user interface of the program.  Some of you may notice that when you open up certain screens in POS v10, they don’t have the same look and feel as the rest of the screens in the program.  Unfortunately, upon the v10 re-write, there were some screens that were left in the v9 interface.  One of these screens is the Purchase Order screen.

When you open a PO in v10, an additional system task opens up and runs in the background of your computer. This task is a v9 task.  When you are on a PO, the system is basically running in v9.  Then if you try to add an item to the Inventory list on the fly directly from the PO, once you open up that ‘Add item’ screen, the system tries to decipher if it needs to switch back to the v10 task or remain in v9.  Then when you are done adding the item and bounce back to the PO, the system then again has to decide which task it needs to be using.

In a multi-workstation environment, the POS data file is being held on the server workstation.  Each of the individual workstations has to reach out to the server for the information.  Every time you hit a key or click your mouse, the computer is sending/pulling that information through your network to your server.  Since, in the example above, the system not only has to send the information back and forth to the server, it’s also at the same time trying to figure out if it needs to switch back and forth between v9 & v10 tasks and it seems to just be too much for the computer to do at once and therefor freezes up.

What’s the workaround?  Simple – before you create your Purchase Order in POS, if there are any items that will need to be created in the Inventory List for you to order, do that first directly on the Inventory List. Then proceed with the Purchase Order.

Check back with us for any updates about this issue.


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