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Process credit cards anywhere!

Before we had merged with Presti & Naegele, we never accepted Credit Cards although our terms were due on receipt. This was very difficult for our clients as they were always pressured to cut a check, have it signed and put in the mail ASAP. As we all know, sometimes that process can take days. Then we merged with Presti.  To my delight, Alicia informed me that Presti & Nagele accepts credit cards no matter what the amount.  Off I go to my first client as a Custom Integrated Accounting Solutions (a division of Presti & Naegele) employee.  The appointment goes well and it’s time for me to ask for payment. The client asks if we accept Credit Cards and I happily reply “as a matter of fact, we do!”  I pull out my notebook and proceed to write down his credit card information.  Although he never complained, I though to myself “This really isn’t a very safe way to accept credit cards.”  What happens if I had lost my notebook or even just threw the page into the garbage when I was done without tearing it up?  There has to be a better way.

Few months go by and off we go to the annual Intuit Solution Provider Summit.  We sit through lots of classes over a 3 day span.  In one of the classes, they mention something called Go Payment by Intuit Payment Solutions.  Go Payment, I find out, is an app for your mobile phone where you can process credit cards safely and have the information download into your QuickBooks.  How cool is that?  I go over to the IPS booth and find out that they are giving all ISP’s a CC swiper that integrates into your phone!

We come back from Summit and I am very excited to use my new CC app on my iPhone.  Of course it turns out that the first few clients I saw after summit wanted to pay by check.  Bummer.  I finally go to my next client and she asks me if she can pay by Credit Card.  “Sure!”  I pull out my phone, attach the swiper,  run the card and get an instant approval.  I ask her to sign my phone with her finger and then ask her if she wants me to text her the receipt or would she rather it via email.  She asks for email, so I click to send the receipt and within seconds, her blackberry dings that she received an email.   Very cool!

Want to see it in action? See the below video.  As always, feel free to contact us for more information!

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