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Payroll – To outsource or to not outsource

Since I started working with the QuickBooks software, I have noticed that there is a constant debate about how to process payroll. Although Intuit has their own payroll services, a lot of users still outsource their payroll to ADP or Paychecks.  For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why.

After picking the brains of some of my clients I found out that most of them didn’t want the headache of processing their own payroll.  Having to calculate taxes, remember to pay the taxes, process payroll tax returns, process W2′s at the end of the year, deal with notices and fees from IRS or New York State, etc. 

That is when I realized that most people don’t know about Assisted Payroll by Intuit.  Assisted payroll is a service that you can activate directly in your QuickBooks data file.  When you sign up, an Intuit employee will log into your system and work with you to setup all of your payroll items.  Once everything is setup and you are ready to do your first payroll, all you have to do is just enter the hours worked for each employee (just like calling in the hours to ADP or Paychecks).  Once you have entered in the time, click a button and Intuit takes over!  Intuit will do direct deposit (if you choose) calculate the taxes & remit your tax payments.  When it comes time for payroll tax returns & end of year W2′s,  Intuit takes care of that as well.  You don’t ever have to worry about something not being done or being done incorrectly.  If you were ever to receive a notice saying you owe money, Intuit will cover it!

What I am basically trying to say is that Intuit has the exact same service as ADP or Paychecks (and it’s less expensive too!)  The added bonus is that ALL of the payroll information is now stored in your QuickBooks software.  This also makes job costing seamless!

For more information about QuickBooks Assisted Payroll, please contact us at (646) 380-4993.

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