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Missing information in my QuickBooks software!

Recently, I visited a client that needed me to do their bank reconciliations for the past 5 months. I figured that this would be no big deal, until I got there and he mentioned that his bookkeeper had been accessing his QuickBooks through the ‘g’ drive and he had been accessing it on the ‘f’ drive.

What happened was that for some reason his IT guy had copied the QuickBooks data file from the original f drive onto the new g drive. Now, all year long, the bookkeeper and owner had been working in separate data files. To resolve this issue, the owner had to re-enter all the information that the bookkeeper had entered in the wrong file, into the correct file. This was hours worth of work.

How do we stop this from happening? On a regular basis, I would do 2 things. First, while in your QuickBooks data file, go to File>Open Previous Company. The first line will show you the path that QuickBooks is reading to get to the data file. Make sure that this path is the same on all computers that are accessing that particular data file. The second thing I would do is to check to make sure there are no duplicate files residing anywhere that someone could accidentally access. To do this, run a search on your hard drive for “.qbw”. This search will find any QuickBooks software data files that are on that hard drive. If you find duplicates or old copies, make sure you move them to a folder that is locked and cannot be opened by someone by mistake. For example “Old QuickBooks Data files – DO NOT USE.” If you are a CIAS client, you may recognize this folder name. I use it whenever I do upgrades :)

Happy Friday everyone, and keep checking back for more QuickBooks tips and tricks as well as some information about the new 2012 version!!

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