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Keeping books in a Restaurant

Some of you may have heard some rumblings out there about Intuit releasing a POS system for restaurants. Since QBPOS is not such a good fit, I was really excited about this.  The down side is that although there were some talks about it, I haven’t heard anything since and I’m not sure if this is still even in Intuit’s thoughts.

Let’s start off by going over some of the reasons why QuickBooks Point of Sale is not good in a Restaurant/Food Service environment.
-No remote printing. (Certain items print in the kitchen, others in the bar)
-Doesn’t “hold the pickle, add the Mayo”
-Multiple servers with multiple tables can be an issue
-Much more depending on tasks of the specific restaurant

I have come into contact with a software called AccuPOS a few times now.  They have a generic retail POS program similar to QBPOS, but they also have a Restaurantversion.  Best of all – it integrates with QuickBooks Financial software on the back end.

Here is a listing of some of the features the Restaurant version boasts:
-Remote printing
-Auto Tipping for certain threshold of guests
-Item edits with preset optional choices or free text
-Ability to split checks
-Ability to Combine checks
-Restaurant Floor Plan
-Very easy to learn and use

No longer do you automatically have to pay the outrageous prices of Micros if you want to computerize your restaurant. AccuPOS has very competitive pricing. If this is something that may interest you, give us a call to setup a FREE online demonstration.


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