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Hiring a new employee to work on your QuickBooks.

Go through the classifieds today and you will see many bookkeeping/data entry positions for companies that are looking for experienced QuickBooks users.  Better yet, you may be one of them.  Because QuickBooks is the most widely used Accounting programs in the Country, a lot of people will say they are familiar with it.  Some colleges even teach parts of QuickBooks in their Accounting courses.  So how can you be sure you are hiring someone with legitimate experience?

First I would ask the person how long they have been working with QuickBooks and on which versions.  Also feel free to ask them what type of business it was that was using QuickBooks as well as what types of transactions are the familiar with.  I have a great deal of clients that use QuickBooks, but only as a glorified check register or invoice creator. You definitely don’t want someone that only has this type of experience.

The best thing to do would be to test the potential employee.  You could Google for QuickBooks quizzes but still, that may be hard for you as these tests are very generic and you may have some extensive/difficult processes.  One of the services that CIAS provides is we can create a customized QuickBooks test for any potential employees.  We can create the test based on your individual company as well as the specific job position.  This will definitely help you weed out any people that don’t know as much as they say they do.

Once they have passed your test, they will need minimal training, if any.

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