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Open Windows List in QuickBooks

Many people when navigating through QuickBooks need to have multiple windows open at a time.  The nice thing about QuickBooks is that you can actually do this.  A lot of programs out there just allow one window at a time and therefor tasks take much longer to do.  When my clients need multiple windows open it’s not uncommon to see a screen that looks kind of like this….

As you can see, there are multiple windows open and they are all small enough that the user could click around until they find the one they are looking for.  Although this procedure works, there is a much more efficient way.

If you go to the “View” dropdown, choose “Open Windows List”.  The list will pop up on the screen to the left and has a listing of every window that is open.  Now you can limit the need to make each screen small and instead open them up all the way on top of one another.  Now, although you only physically see one screen at a time, QB will show you which windows are actually open in the background and you can just click in the list for the one you want to bring to the font to work on. 

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2 Responses to Open Windows List in QuickBooks

  1. Alberta says:

    Can you do this in the online version?

    • Alicia says:

      Hi Alberta,

      You can have multiple windows open on QBO to allow you to toggle back and forth just like you do in the desktop version. Here is some information about that on the QBO blog site that might help.

      Thanks for your question.


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