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How to handle RMA’s for Customers in QuickBooks

This is one of those things that QuickBooks does not have a template for out of the box.  Luckily, there is a workaround that you can use to handle RMA’s with ease.  Here are the steps:

-The first thing you want to do is to copy a customer Credit Memo template and rename it to RMA. 
-Edit the template so you can remove the pricing fields and any other unnecessary information.

-Once you have done that, when a customer calls and says they need an RMA, create the credit memo as you normally would making sure to choose the RMA template.
-Upon completing the RMA form, set it to Pending status as you don’t want QB to increase your inventory when the good haven’t in fact been returned yet.
-Send the RMA to the customer.

-Once the goods do come back, find that RMA form in QuickBooks and switch the template to a regular Credit Memo.
-Take the Credit Memo out of pending status.
-Adjust any items/quantities/prices that need to be adjusted and save and utilize the credit as you normally would.

-Once you save and close the credit memo, QB will put the inventory items back into stock and do all the proper accounting in the background for your AR, Inventory Asset, etc.

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