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Remotely Accessing QuickBooks

For quite a while now I have had people (myself included) wanting an app where they can access their QuickBooks data remotely without actually having to have QuickBooks hosted by another company.  You may already know that Intuit has created their own QuickBooks Mobile app but it’s still pretty limited at this point.  Well, recently I stumbled upon an app that seems to be the answer (or least is getting there). 

Levion is a web based application that allows for QuickBooks Remote Access.  In a nut shell, after downloading the connector program, Levion mirrors the QuickBooks data onto their secure web platform.  Using a username and password, QB users are able to log into the Levion website and view most of their QuickBooks data as well as create transactions from any device that has an internet connection.  Yes, this includes Laptops, tablets and smart phones. 

So far the app allows you to view &/or create the following:
-Sales Orders, Sales receipts, Invoices, credit memos and payments
-Purchase orders, bills & item receipts
-Time tracking
-Customers, Vendors and Employees
-Custom Invoices with Logo
-Checks, Journal Entries & Bill payment checks
-Bank account balances

You are able to create as many users as you want and the best part about this app?  It’s completely FREE!  Some of the downsides that I have noticed so far is that there is no user permissions as well as you cannot use it for QuickBooks for Mac.  The good news is that they are constantly making changes to the program so I have to imagine that new features (such as user permissions) will be coming out soon.

Definitely something to take a look at – come on, it’s free!

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2 Responses to Remotely Accessing QuickBooks

  1. David says:

    Thanks for the tip. We used QB Connect and we were struggling when they got rid of it and only allowed invoicing through their mobile app.

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