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QuickBooks and E-Commerce

Many consumers today prefer to shop online vs. in store.  This obviously leads to many stores needing to offer their products and services online to satisfy their customers. Now, a lot of companies setup their webstore and then manually enter in all the orders they receive into their Quickbooks. Have no fear, there is a better way.  There are a few integrated applications that work with QuickBooks so you can avoid having to manually enter in all of your orders. Two examples of this are T-Hub and eCommerceConnector (eCC). With T-HUB or eCC  in your back office, you can import online orders from your ecommerce store directly into QuickBooks.  Here is some basic information about what the 2 softwares can do.

With eCC you can automatically post all your online store order details into QuickBooks including customers, items, taxes, payment and shipping details! eCC provides a number of options for field formats and mapping so you can customize eCC to post data per your needs. Your online store order # is saved in the memo field and eCC tracks the transaction id in QuickBooks. Every step is tracked in the order history so you can trace your steps easily.

T-Hub can import online orders into QuickBooks, plus provide shipping integration with UPS, FedEx and USPS. Print packing lists and enter phone orders. The built-in automator can run as scheduled service every few minutes. This can automatically download and post new online orders to QuickBooks and update website with shipping status and tracking information.

Give us a call so we can discuss which software would be best for your business needs.

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