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Sales Orders, Work Orders, Layaways in QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale offers the ability to process Sales Orders, Work Orders and Layaways, which are technically non-posting transactions that promise your customer something in the future. Sales Orders are used when a customer has ordered something that is currently not in stock, or a special order that you normally don’t stock. Work orders are generally used for service work that has not yet been provided and Layaways are created when a customer has purchased merchandise but is paying incremental payments.

You set up the ability to process these Customer Orders and choose the initial deposit requirements in Company Preferences.   Although you may use them for different purposes, the procedures are generally the same in creating customer orders, receiving deposits and finally selling the item(s). From the home page click on Make a Customer Order and then choose which type of order you want to create. You must always include a customer name and may be required to enter an initial deposit. If you are processing a layaway, it is important that you remove the merchandise from the floor, since POS does not remove it from inventory until you actually sell it, and another sales associate may think you still have the item in stock.

Any deposits you accept from customers will be entered in QuickBooks Financial in the Unearned Revenue account. This account should either be zero or include only customer deposits for merchandise and work that has not yet been completed. When the merchandise has been received (Sales Order), the work has been performed, (Work Order) or the customer has picked up their merchandise (Layaway), it is important that you complete the sale and remove the product(s) from inventory.

Go back to the original Sales Order, Work Order or Layaway by choosing the “Sell From Order” button on the home scrren. Choose the type of order to see the list of orders that you want.   Click to select your order and and select “Sell Item”. Enter the quantity of the item or service you want to sell. This will create a sales receipt, pull the merchandise from inventory and allow you to collect any additional funds that are owed. After you have generated the sales receipt, the customer sales order, work order or layaway is marked closed.


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2 Responses to Sales Orders, Work Orders, Layaways in QuickBooks Point of Sale

  1. hassan says:

    is there a way we can modify the work order page so we can deactivate the ‘remove item’ tab for associates. this can only be accessed by manager or assistant manager

    • Alicia says:


      Thank you for your question. Unfortunately there is not a way to do this. If you don’t see it as part of the Security areas you can probably be assured that there is no other way to do it.


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