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POS v10 – Cool enhancements with web patch releases

Hello again everyone! Upon the initial release of QuickBooks Point of Sale v10, many people were not impressed.  The software definitely had some bugs and issues that made life difficult. Also, some functionality that was available in older versions had somehow disappeared in v10.

Since then, Intuit has made some pretty significant changes to v10 where we are now comfortable with our clients buying and using it.  In addition to the major software functionality changes that they made there were also some no-so-obvious-but-makes-life-a-lot-easier changes that I want to point out just in case you haven’t noticed.

1)  Modifying columns on Sales Receipts and Receiving Vouchers.
When in the make a sale screen or the Receive items screen, you can now right click on the column header row and choose “Customize Columns.”  You can choose to add or remove any fields that you would like to see on the screen.

2)  Customize details on items.
When you ring up an item, POS only shows one line of information. Things like the item name, Quantity, price, extended price, etc.  Now with the updates, you can right click on the column header row and choose “Customer Details.”  Here you can choose details that will show on the second line when an item is put onto a sale.  A good example of this would be to show the cost or the Alternate lookup.

3)  Hot Keys
Did you know that you can now use your “F” keys on your keyboard to bring up certain screens in POS?  If not, here is a cheat sheet for you…
F1 – Get help on current task
F3 – Open the Find window for the active field
F4 – From lookup fields, Access associated list to select.
F5 – On document, Edit selected item.
F8 – Toggle between list and form view of the selected record.
F10 – Toggle focus between the menu and window.
F11 – Save
F12 – 1) Save (record, order document) or save & print (transactional document).
2) Go to payment screen (from receipt body).

4)  Create filters in Item List
When in the item list, now you don’t have to scroll through the whole list to find an item. You also don’t have to sort by a column to group items together to help you find something.  If you want to show only the items that contain certain criteria, just click the “All Items” button and choose “Create Filter.”  Put in your filtering information and either save it for future reference or click apply if it’s a one-time thing.  It will bring you back to the item list and only show the items that fit within that filter.

5)  Increased size of item description field
Although POS has the ability to let you have a ridiculously long item description, the field itself was not big enough to show the whole thing for you.  Now, the field shows up to 3 lines of the description.

6)  Edit items directly on item list”Originally, in v10, to edit a field on an item, you had to go into the item record itself and edit it there.  Now, you can just open the item list and click to select the item and then click in the field you want to edit and make the change right there. You can also use your arrow keys to move between fields and items to continue making changes.

7)  List Select
When in Make a Sale, you can now choose “List Select” from the item dropdown.  This will bring you to the POS item list where you can click the item you want to sell and then click the “+” button to add it to the basket.  Scroll through the list or use your item filters to select all the items you want.  Click in the basket information area to edit items, quantities and prices.  Click “Return to Receipt” to dump all those items onto the Sales Receipt and complete the sale.

8)  Practice Mode
Practice mode has been brought back so you can train your employees without worrying about effecting your real data!

For training or questions on any of the above items, call us at (646) 380-4993.

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4 Responses to POS v10 – Cool enhancements with web patch releases

  1. Rey says:

    Since 5.0, I have been waiting for a real overhaul of this program. Now with 10.0, all I see is much of the same and more on things a POS don’t need. I don’t know if a real retailer(or they ever get advice from retailers) on what a POS should look like. One of the things they should really focus on is the Print Designer(you don’t really design, you just logo it up). If it was up to me, I wouldn’t use this program.

    • Alicia says:

      Thanks for your comment. I think there is a misconception about what enhancements have occurred from year to year. Often what Intuit advertises aren’t necessarily all the things that have gone in to an edition. Be reminded if you want something you have to ask. The best thing to do is provide your feedback directly from the in product Help menu. I am told that those are the focus when developing enhancements.

      In case you are not aware of them, here are some really nice enhancements since 2005
      Accept Tips
      Ratings & Trend ranking for items and customers
      Time clock for employee time
      Multiple units of measure
      Loyalty cards and tracking
      Pictures for inventory items (great for eCommerce integration)
      Shipping integration
      Automatic store exchange
      Signature capture for credit card signing
      Inventory turn statistics
      Suggested reorder points based on sale activity
      Discount and promo tracking
      Email marketing integration
      Email receipts
      Quick pick functionality
      Item and sales integration with GoPayments

  2. Jaque Cara says:


    My v10 wont allow me to change the dates on the reciept of items or when i want to do a sale. I have tried to right click & add it that way & even the i want to button does not allow for that. How can i change this?

    • Ashley Wallace says:

      Hi Jaque,
      Thank you for your comment. When you say you can’t change the date when you want to do a sale – You should have the option to “Change Date” in the “I Want To” menu in the Make a Sale screen. Are you trying to change the date after the sale has already been done? If so, that is not a feature that is available. For this instance, you want to reverse the receipt and recreate it changing the date on the new sale. Same thing goes for receiving items into Inventory. You can change the date of the current receipt but not old completed item receipts. Hope this helps!

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