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Gift Registries in QuickBooks Point of Sale

Many retail stores offer gift registries to their customers.  Some Point of Sale systems have the registry functionality built into them.  Unfortunately, QuickBooks POS does not.  The good news is, though, that there is a pretty good work-around for it.  Basically, what you can do is to create a Sales Order for the registry with no deposit due.  Then when people purchase items off the registry, you can sell that particular item from the Sales Order therefor removing it from the list.  Here are some detailed instructions:

To enter in the registry:

-From the Home Screen, select Customer Orders> New Sales Order.
-Enter in the Customers Information in the Customer Info section at the bottom. (This customer will be the person that the gifts are for.)
-Scan in the items that the customer has selected for the registry just as you would a normal sale.
-Enter in any notes in the Instructions section of the screen.
-Once the Sales Order is complete, select Save & Print to give the custom a copy of their registry.

When people come in to purchase items off the registry:
-First, when someone comes in and wants a copy of the registry, go to the Order list and view your open Sales Orders.
-Searching by name, click the Sales Order/Registry you are looking for.
-Click the Print button to print a copy for the customer.
-Once the customer has chosen their items, find the Sales Order again and choose Sell Items.
-In the Doc Qty field, enter in the quantities of the items that the customer is purchasing and leave the other items alone.  Click Continue.
-This will put the selected item(s) onto a Sales Receipt where you can complete out the sale as normal.

Now, to view what’s left on the registry, you can just select the sales order and at the bottom, it will list all the items as well as what’s Due.  The quantity due are the items left to purchase.  If the quantity due is zero, that item has been fulfilled.


I hope this helps and please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions!

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2 Responses to Gift Registries in QuickBooks Point of Sale

  1. That is a very clever workaround. I am going to mention it to a Seattle POS client that asked me about it recently.

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