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QuickBooks for Mac 2013 New Features Part 2

We went over some of the major changes to QuickBooks for Mac 2013 in my previous post here and while these are some of the big changes, there are a lot of little improvements as well. Today, I’m going to touch on these smaller enhancements to the QuickBooks for Mac 2013 software. Bank Reconciliation Any user of QuickBooks for Windows will be very familiar with this change, as they copied the functionality from the Windows version. Previously, you needed to enter the beginning and ending balances from your statement. Now, QuickBooks calculates the beginning balance for you, by adding all your previously reconciled transactions. This allows you to easily see if someone may have changed a previously reconciled transaction. Updated Layout Designer The layout designer has been tweaked to make it easier for you to add your logo and other customizations to your Invoices and Estimates. The new tabbed layout of the fields makes it easier to find what you are looking for. Printing Speed The printing performance has been greatly increased compared to previous version of QuickBooks for Mac. Less time waiting for printing means more time you can dedicate to running your business! Backup Options Because MobileMe is not longer an option with Mac, they have removed that option, which sometimes confused new users, as well as sometimes getting in the way when trying to select the correct place. As a replacement, I recommend using Dropbox to backup your critical files, like QuickBooks backups! Intuit Payment Network The Intuit Payment Network allows you to add a link to your invoices that will allow your customers to pay you electronically from their bank account. The customer enters their bank account number (and doesn’t even have to setup an account), which gets transferred to your account. There is a flat $0.50 fee per payment. Payments less than $5000 are usually funded within 1-2 business days, while others are usually funded in 3-4 business days. It will also automatically record the payment in your QuickBooks software. While these features may not have the WOW factor of the other ones discussed, these are some nice tweaks to be had, and each one brings us closer and closer to a Mac version that rivals the Windows version (and my even surpass it!).
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