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QuickBooks for Mac 2013 New Features

Intuit is releasing QuickBooks for Mac 2013, which will be available on September 24th. I wanted to show you some of the new features, which are designed to help users work quickly, organize records effectively, and simplify common tasks. There’s some really great features that have been in the Windows version that I am glad to finally see come to the Mac, along with suggestions on how to improve these features for the future!

Import Multiple This feature allows you to paste customers, vendors, employees, and items from Excel or Numbers and paste them into a spreadsheet like format in QuickBooks, which can then be mass imported. This feature was called Paste From Excel in the Windows version, and is a nice way to be able to easily add customers from a different source into QuickBooks. There are limits to the fields that you can import, and unlike the Windows version, you can use this to do mass editing of names, but it is a helpful tool when switching to QuickBooks for Mac from some other application.

Batch Invoicing If you’re a small business that frequently invoices the same customers for the same products and services, the new Batch invoicing feature can save you a lot of item. QuickBooks Mac 2013 allows you to assign your customers into your own defined groups, which then allows you to invoice the group at once. For a business that has any recurring monthly contracts, like membership fees, you can quickly create the invoices in one shot!

Document Attachment This one has been in the Windows version for a while and was a paid extra service for a while, too! Now it is included for free in both products. Document attachments let you attach external files to your invoices, estimates, and other transactions! A lot of my clients use this for vendor bills. When the bill comes in, they scan it as a PDF and attach it to the bill in QuickBooks. They can then throw the paper bill away. If they ever need to reference the mailed bill, they open the bill in QuickBooks and view the attachment, simple as that! Another great use is for attaching sketches or handwritten notes to an estimate or invoice. With this, you can really become a paperless office!

Refresh Reports This one was annoying to me, as this feature has been in the Windows version for a long time. Reports now have a working refresh button that doesn’t sacrifice performance with continual refreshing. This allows you to keep up with your reporting in real time, giving you updated information to help run your business faster and smarter!
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