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The Toy Store – Creation of Data File

I have been working a lead for about 3 years that I had met at the NYC Toy show.  Every year the owner would reach out to me and tell me to not write him off his list – that he was going to move eventually.  Well, needless to say, we FINALLY closed the deal!  Just to give you some background, this is a big toy store located out in Southampton.  The client was using Retail Pro for a number of years and was never really satisfied with it.  The holdup of moving to QuickBooks Point of Sale was always the concern of the changeover process.  Since the owner actually decided to move his physical store to a bigger space across the street, he thought that now was a perfect time to switch softwares as well as buildings.  He was right.

The steps to do the change over are as follows:
Day 1 – Create the new data file & import all the clients customers, vendors and items.
Day 2 – Onsite installation of software and hardware.
Day 3 – Training

So over this past weekend, the owner closed his existing store for business with the thought in mind that it would be kind of hard to move inventory across the street as people were trying to buy it.  Since the store is closed for business, this is a good time to do the conversion.  I had the owner send me his customer, vendor and item list in excel format.  Since Retail Pro and QB POS are similar products, most of the fields lined up.  There were a few fields of course that didn’t.  One of the issues that we ran into with the Customer list is that there was a field for the customer’s outstanding Store Credit in the excel sheet.  This information is not importable to QBPOS.  The first thing that people think
of is to create a custom field. The problem with this is that although the field will hold the imported information, it is not a calculated field and the amounts will not change as people begin to use their credits.  The process that we need to take to get this information into QBPOS is to create an opening balance item and have one of the employees return this item to every customer that has an outstanding credit and put it “on account” as the payment type.  This process will give each customer a store credit balance.  Although it’s a bit of a manual process, at least now they are able to track the credits in the new system.

On the item list, we ran into an issue of the owner needing to see the last received date on each item.  Again, this is something that you would normally be able to see in QBPOS once you start using the system, but it’s not an importable field.  What we decided to do is to use a custom field, and called it “Last Received in Retail Pro.”  We imported the date and that information will stay in POS.  Once that date becomes old and unusable, we will export out the item list, remove the data from that field and reimport so it’s no longer there.

Basically, the conversion of data went very well.  Everything that the client wanted to see is now available in the new software and the installation and training should hopefully go just as well.  Check back to see

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