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The Toy Store – Installation Day

The day after I did the creation of the POS data file and the importing of all the lists, I went onsite to install the POS software & hardware, QB software and the POS data file.

The first thing I had to do was download the POS software onto all the machines.  After that, I ran the installation.  I had brought a backup of the data file with me and saved it to the desktop of the server.  Once the installation of the software was complete, I restored the backup and got the server up and running.  Once the installations of the client workstations were complete – they automatically connected to the data file on the server.  Everything was working great.

Then it was time to install the hardware peripherals. Because the client was switching off of Retail Pro, he already had a few pieces of hardware that he wanted to use on the new system.  One of these pieces included a Receipt printer.  The receipt printer was a model that works with QuickBooks Point of Sale but the problem was that it connects to the computer via Parallel and since they are new computers, they didn’t come with parallel ports. Thankfully, the owner had me order an extra printer so everything worked out fine. I installed printers on all of the machines as well as the Pin Pad with Signature capture.  For those of you who don’t know what this is- it’s a piece of hardware where the customer can swipe their own Credit or Debit card and sign the screen on the hardware piece instead of signing a paper receipt.  This signature is stored in the background of POS, so if the customer was to dispute the charge, the store owner can reprint the receipt with the signature on it.

Once all the hardware was installed, I installed QB Pro Financial on the server machine.  I had the owner give me a backup of his current QuickBooks data file so I can restore it on the POS server.  Because there is a direct integration between the 2 products (POS & QB) both data files need to be on the server for them to “talk”.

Now that all the software and hardware is installed, tomorrow is training day!


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