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The Franchise – Presentation of the Proposal.

You may recall a post that I made here about a month ago talking about using QuickBooks for a franchise. The recap of that is that we have a client that is planning on starting a new franchise. They brought us in because they wanted the franchisee’s to use QuickBooks. After doing a bunch of research, we put together a proposal and brought it to the client to review. After the review, we had to make some significant changes to our plan.

 First, the client had originally wanted to use QuickBooks Point of Sale. After to speaking to their partners, we were informed that the system needs to be able to do automatic recurring billing. POS is off the table. Now we are left with either QuickBooks Pro or Premier. (Still deciding if they need Sales Orders.)

 Second, we had offered Qvinci as a franchise dashboard software for Headquarters to have constant access to reports for each Franchisee. This software would not only give them access to the individual reports, but also help with comparing the franchisee’s performance to each other. Little did we know that our client is actually planning on building their own software that does basically the same thing!

Third, we had offered the use of Mozy online backup. The reason for this was so HQ could gain access to the full data file of each franchisee on a regular basis so they could really monitor what was going on. They also wanted this for Audit purposes. After some discussion, we decided that although it would work, it would be very cumbersome and time consuming. They would have to log into Mozy, find the backup for the individual store, download and save it locally, restore it in QuickBooks and then they could actually review it. It initially didn’t sound like a big deal until we thought of doing that process for hundreds of stores. Yea, that doesn’t work.

That’s when we came up with the idea for the Franchisor to actually Host the QB data files for the franchisees. For those of you who don’t know what hosting is, it basically means that HQ would store the QuickBooks files on their servers and the franchisee would have constant remote access to their data file. We are still researching this option as we need to work with Intuit to see what is involved for this to actually come to fruition. (Licensing, Pricing, hardware, etc.) The other issue we are seeing is the Credit Card processing. Can the franchisee still use their Intuit Payment Solutions CC swipe if the QB data file is not local to their computer? I have a call into our IPS rep to find out.. Wait and see!

We have another call with the Franchisor on Monday to iron out some more details so check back with us soon to watch the progress.

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