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The Franchise – Ironing out the hosting details

So as I mentioned on the last post, we met with the franchisor last Monday to discuss the hosting option. It turns out that although it is possible for the franchisor to host the QB data files for each of the Franchisees, it is an incredibly expensive option. Because they would need Intuit to support them, they would have to pay a bulk amount for that support, pay for all the QB licenses, purchase multiple servers and backup systems, hire people to monitor it 24/7/365, etc. Doesn’t sound practical to me.

The newest option on the table is for the franchisor to use an already existing QuickBooks hosting company do host the QB files for them. Since these people are already licensed and have all the hardware & people necessary this is a much better option. The question then becomes, which hosting company do they use? Well, since we know multiple companies, we have setup individual conference calls with all 3 of them so the Franchisor programmers can pick the hosting company’s brain and figure out which company will work best for them. Just to throw another small wrench into the gears, in addition to QuickBooks, the franchisor will be writing their own custom software (similar to Qvinci) & they need to make sure that the hosting company can work with that as well.

Just as a little side note, in the last post I also mentioned that we were concerned if the Franchisees would be able to use the credit card swipe when they are connected to a hosted QuickBooks data file. The good news of the day is – Yes, it will work!

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