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QuickBooks software and Franchises

A few weeks ago, I had an existing client call me and ask me to come in and meet with him as they are going to be starting a new franchise and they want all the franchisee’s to use QuickBooks software and QuickBooks Point of Sale.  Alicia and I go to the meeting and it turns out that they are looking to open a whole bunch of learning centers around the US and Canada.  Each learning center will use QuickBooks Point of Sale on the front end and QB Financial on the back end.

Here is the challenge… Not only does the Franchisor want access to reports throughout the month, but they also want access to the full QuickBooks data file at least once a month so they can have a look at everything.  CIAS’s job is to find out the best way to do this.  Now we all know that we can’t just expect the franchisee’s to email their reports or upload backups on a regular basis.  We need to get this done automatically.  That is when Alicia found QVinci and I found Mozy.

Qvinci is a web based, subscription offering. The franchisor is the Network Administrator and sets the user controls. The administrator admits new franchisees into the Network for consolidated views of the QuickBooks data. Qvinci has been tested and works with the US, UK & CA versions of QuickBooks.  Perfect!   Now we need to figure out how to get the full files over to HQ.

Our first thought was Intuit’s Online backup.  This was a great idea until we remembered that Intuit no longer sells Online backup – they sell Intuit Data Protect.  A whole different animal.  With IDP, it works directly in the QuickBooks software.  What this means is that once HQ were to install it in their office and log in using the franchisee’s login info, it would activate the IDP in HQ and deactivate it on the franchisee’s computer.  Well, that’s not gonna work.  Then I remembered that I use Mozy on my personal computer.  Works just like the old QuickBooks software online backup.  Every night, Mozy automatically backs up any folders that I designated upon setup.  I call Mozy and they tell me that not only can HQ create a master account with one login and have a sub account for each franchisee, but they can also set user permissions and limit how much storage each franchisee gets as well as designate what file types can be backed up.  Again, perfect!

So we have put together a proposal for this client and are set to review it with them in the next week or so.  Wish us luck!

If this or any post that you have ready on our blog is similar to a need that you may have, give us a call and let us see what we can do for you!

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