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Current Projects – The Nursery

Right now I am working on a fairly large QuickBooks Point of Sale implementation.  There have been a few hurdles so far that we were able to work out and I would like to bring you along for the ride.

In the sales stage, we ran into a couple of hiccups.  First, the client is already using a dot matrix printer and 3 part invoices for his customers.  Although the customer is ok with change, he wasn’t ok with getting rid of the printer or invoices.  After doing some testing, we were actually able to get the Dot Matrix printer to work with POS.  It turns out that if you can get the printer to work with windows, then it will work with POS.  The trick is trying to get POS to layout the receipt to match their existing invoice template.  The bad news is that I wasn’t able to get it to match up.  Thankfully, the client worked with me and agreed to order blank 3 part invoices so POS could print whatever it wanted.

Another issue that we had is the client is a Nursery and has a need for waterproof labels.  No problem, as I can actually buy waterproof labels to work in the Zebra printer.  WRONG – client needs different size labels than what are actually available.  After doing some research and not coming up with much of anything, the client decided that he is going to continue to buy and use his existing labels and just stick the normal size waterproof POS labels onto his much bigger label.  Hey, whatever works, right?

Since the client was on an old antiquated system, we partnered up with John at 2000 Computer Solutions (again) and he got in there for me to setup all the wiring, networking and install all the computers.  I went in there yesterday to install all the POS software and hardware as well as the regular QuickBooks software.  Thanks to John and his crew, it went perfectly.  Not one issue (yay!).  All workstations are networked and working together as they should.

Then it was time for some item entry training. Because their old software went belly up, the owners have to do all the item entry manually.  I went over how to create their items (reminding them to not put in quantities yet) and how to enter their customers.  Unfortunately, they were under the impression that they were going to be able to start making sales right away even though all their items weren’t in the system.  They were disappointed when I told them that is a really bad practice.  Why, you ask, is it a bad practice? Let me explain…
-You would have to have A HUGE AMOUNT of miscellaneous sales.  If every sale you make over the next couple of weeks/months all say MISC, then what’s the point of a POS system?
-You could easily go into negative inventory.  BAD IDEA
-Your customers are not going to tolerate sitting around waiting for you to create the item on the fly and then put in the correct quantity in order to sell it.

Thankfully, I was able to convince them to get all their inventory items into the system, do a physical inventory and then go live the next day.  I have an appointment to go back in 2 weeks where they say that most, if not all, their items will be entered.  We Shall See….


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